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Some music critics rate brightface

"Somewhere between Springchamber's eponymous cassette demo and the recording brightface, this band began to realise some of it's enormous potential. Rarely is music this dynamic, ambitious and passionate played with such focus and precision. Springchamber's sound is built upon solidly constructed songs that serve as a point of departure for some vigorous and inventive instrumental exploration. The tunes are anchored by intense yet thoughtful lyrics...this impressive release is more than representative of Springchamber's live sound. They are one of the finest bands to emerge from the Puget Sound area, which puts them in some pretty good company."


"...Can you hear a brooding voice, expressive...punctuating...soaring...guitar work that brings to mind a bouzouki one moment and a thunderstorm the next? Careening keyboards, duelling vocals that play of each other until you can touch the suspense, and a rhythm section that embodies the understated delicacy of jazz and the all-out passion of punk...With the release of their debut CD, brightface, Springchamber enters the category of independent bands that blow many of their label-supported colleagues out of the water...Springchamber's lyrics are perhaps some of the more beautiful, iterate, and provocative poetry to grace the inside of a CD Booklet..."

TRUE TUNES magazine

"Springchamber was the best indie left at our booth...Way modern, say professional, and way killer, whoever these guys are, i gotta meet'em. They blend an industrial synth backdrop with solid rock writing and come up with a sort of post-alternative cyber-art-rock with haunting lyrics, great vocals and awesome instrumentation. 100% original..."

"Springchamber still holds the title of Best Indy of the Year in my book. They recently completed a full length CD of greater recording quality and uniqueness than those of many major releases. Brightface features a collection of thoughtful, original music with alternative values and pop sensibility...Even the packaging is killer. This is a must for all modern rock fans. I really believe we may be looking at the next big mainstream act here. Check out this issue's minispot-light piece on them."

"You may remember a group called Springchamber that I raved about a few issues ago. Since then they released a full length CD that rivals anything put out by a major label in years...this is one of the most unique bands I've heard all year. It is truly amazing to me that an album this good came out without the help of a label. If for no other reason than to reassert the potential significance of the independent scene, you must hear Springchamber. I guarantee they will be big."

SYNDICATE magazine

"Currah shows impressive range, particularly on 'Morning'. He conveys power and beauty and hits his high notes without fear. On 'Mountain' he even yodels. The band meanwhile backs him with skill and feeling.,... and can cut loose ...('Mountain', 'Thorn Bush') or choose beautiful restrain ('Greenhouse', Without a shelter or a Wall').


"Springchamber displays extreme diversity by blending a 12 string guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals together to form what some might call harmonious chaos.... No melody is like the other, no song the same. Lead singer Brad Currah weaves his voice through the music, fluctuating from opera-like high notes to savage growling....Each Springchamber song opens a door that reveals diverse musical talent, a pathway to a new state of sound and anything but your basic band."


"the jury's decision is unanimous on this indie band from Seattle... Springchamber are representative of what's best in the Seattle music scene as a powerful antidote to the overwhelming angst that seems to pour without restraint from so many bands from the java-laced, fog bound city. This is honest, earthy rock unafraid to revel in hope, and celebrate grace. 'When muddy water fills your throat/remember you're a dead man/remember even dead men float.' Indeed."

PRISM magazine